The best hotel to stay in Niseko

Ski storage, place of purchase ski passes and most importantly, a gondola-all in one place and you do not spend the time to get to them.On top of the gondola you can go to the right and find yourself on the slopes of Hirafu, we used to do every day. We had lunch right on the mountain in the biggest cafes, there are three of them and 15-00 hours to return to the hotel. The only disadvantage for us was that the mountains ratrachili a day, but I think it was due to the fact that the snow was falling incessantly every night and for some reason in the morning, but on the whole skating very much. Every day down in Onsen and sat in goryatsey water to 15 minutes, very relaxing. We had dinner every night at the hotel, good restaurants to choose from, most of all in Melta. In Grand Hirafu went once for lunch shuttle bass, there is nothing special to watch, all you have at the hotel. Looking to compare hotels in Grand Hirafu, definitely the best in the Hilton Niseko.One night camped in Green bodice, Hilton provides a program, is also very pleased when he smaller Hilton. Have a great holiday and go to the Hilton, you will not regret!!