Japanese bathe in coffee at the resort of Hakone Yunessun


Fuji-Hakonskom National Park Prefecture Kanagawa have the world-famous, very popular not only among foreigners but also among the Japanese themselves, resort Yunessun. He is known by the fact that in addition to dvadtsatipyati kinds of baths, the resort offers its visitors also pools with extraordinary extenders, that is, not only with water.

Among the so-called exclusive offers havepools of green tea, wine, sake, chocolate and coffee.


The resort itself is very nice and neat, is located near the city of Hakone, near the lake with views of Mount Fuji. In fact the resort Yunessun – is a water park with thermal springs of natural origin and the various baths, organized artificially.


Pool with coffee is one of the most visited. In his bosom allowed both adults and infants.Children’s tickets are half the price of an adult. Coffee in the pool, of course, diluted, but the fanatical attitude of the Japanese to clean the coffee you can drink (not desirable, but possible).


From time to time a coffee pool where people rest, water park staff pour freshly brewed coffee:


In doing so bathers rejoice and run to wash it coffee and drink it. A special pleasure all this action gives, of course, children. Even if the adults are happy, the children are usually ecstatic.


Right next to the pool is a large tank in which brewed coffee and every half hour (approximately) suitable employee with a big tub of fresh warm drink and pours. Unforgettable fun and the sea, or rather pool experiences! This is something that is worth a visit, being in the neighborhood of Hakone.


In general, if not yet possible to reach Yunessun, you can buy in a country, such as coffee Julius Meinl, which can be purchased from the online store wholesale delivery and join the coffee bathing in their own bathtubs. Well, then if possible to go to Hakone, at the same resort Yunessun and compare experiences.)

Historical reference

In 2007, Japan passed the coffee world championship (WBC – World Barista Championship). It was conducted in Tokyo.

And in general, actually in Japan does not grow coffee. Therefore, the Japanese purchase of grain, like most other countries. Despite this, Japan is one of the coffee country, in a sense is one of the leaders in the number of coffee consumed per capita. The Japanese learned to process the coffee beans without loss of taste and quality. Thanks to its highly developed technology the Japanese make great natural instant freeze-dried product.


A leading company for the production of coffee in Japan, you can call the following manufacturers:  AGF (Ajinomoto General Foods), a company that carefully selecting high-quality luxury materials, makes a great ground coffee, and  Ueshima Coffee Co, which has more than 70 years of experience, and its latest technology They are a guarantee of high quality coffee. By the way, today coffee UCC – is the number one brand  in the Japanese coffee market.