Japan. Ski resorts


Naeba – the most famous and popular ski resort in Japan.

The resort has 27 slopes of different difficulty levels, as well as several routes for beginners. The highest point – 1789 m above sea level, the average height – 889 m. The maximum length of the route – 4000 m. By the way, in the resort of Naeba laid the longest ski lift in the world – 5 481m.

For vacationers are more than 30 ski lifts, equipment rental, school instructors, playground and Land Snow.

At the foot of the hill is a luxurious hotel Naeba Prince Hotel 5 *, which will please not only the fans of mountain skis or snowboards. It offers guests tennis courts, SPA, sauna, swimming pool, restaurant, cocktail bar and much more.

Niseko and Furano – two ski resort of Hokkaido.

Thanks to its location, the season begins at these resorts quite early – in early December. Cold winter, numerous slopes and excellent snow quality make this area attractive for both skiers and snowboarders. The resorts dominated tracks the average level of complexity, but there are trails for beginners, who will appreciate its high quality prepared slopes. But experienced skiers will love the off-piste.

The peak of the influx of foreign tourists in Niseko and Furano observed during the Christmas and New Year.Not far from Niseko is Sapporo, which has no fewer opportunities for skiing. By the way, there were “white” 1972 Olympics. A half-hour drive from Nisego there are hot springs, known for their beneficial properties.

Hakuba – ski resort, known for its Olympic past.

Trails resort used during the “white” of the Olympics in 1998 in Nagano. A distinctive feature of Hakuba – working all year round and the ability to ride downhill at night because of the consecration of the track.

In total the resort Hakuba 13 runs, 32 lifts and a large selection of hotels of different comfort level. Ski season in Japan begins in mid-November and lasts until mid-April.

Appi Kogen Ski Resort

Located to the north of Tokyo, Appi Kogen ski resort is considered one of the best in Japan, while remaining the most expensive. Appi Kogen – it is a great opportunity for skiing skiers and snowboarders of all levels, as well as night skiing, mogul, quality hotels and restaurants.

The ski season in Appi Kogen lasts from early December to early May, reaching the best of conditions in February and March. More than 20 trails, 18 lifts, a large half-pipe, rails and jumps, ski school and first-class hire Appi Kogen attracts many tourists.

Tourists can stop at several hotels in the immediate vicinity at the mountains or to find cheaper options in nearby villages. Numerous cafes, bars, snack bars and several restaurants offering international dishes of various cuisines of the world. Finally, the biggest in Japan, a sauna, and Mr. oryachie sources will travel a great place to relax after a busy holiday.

Ski please contact Daisi

Please contact Daisi Mountain, known in Japan as the western Fujiyama – place of deployment please contact Daisi ski resort with 26 ski trails and two dozen lifts. The advanced infrastructure of the ski resort attracts many tourists please contact Daisi, including not only the aficionados of outdoor activities, but also families with children.

The resort can rent all kinds of equipment, training school, luxurious hotel Daisen Royal Hotel, snack bars, cafes, bars and restaurants. For children there is a hill for sledding and children’s amusement park. In the vicinity of the ski resort, and there are numerous opportunities for off-piste holiday: the famous Japanese hot springs,museums and Buddhist temples.

Ski Resort Zao

Opened in 1920, the resort Zao is one of the most beautiful and oldest resorts in Japan. Its slopes like both beginner skiers and advanced skiers. This is not much less than half of the tourists on the slopes of Zao snowboarding. In total, the resort of Zao several dozen trails of different difficulty levels and the same modern lifts.

For a holiday without skis can choose walking tours in the surrounding mountains or enjoy the hot springs, in a variety of crumbled along the slopes. Not forgotten, and now fashionable entertainment: trekking, cross-country and snowmobile. For children – specialized kindergartens and ski courses.

Zao ski resort boasts all the necessary infrastructure not only for active pastime, but for the rest is mountain slopes. On the base is a modern hotel with two hundred rooms. Spectacular views from the rooms of this hotel allows guests to enjoy a peaceful serenity of the countryside. In the hotel there are several restaurants with varied cuisine. A close – only a 40 minute drive from the resort – is “Okama” which is the crater lake and one of the local attractions.

Ski Tengendai

Located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Tengendai Resort – is the perfect place for beginners and has not experienced fans of skiing and snowboarding. Ski resort features 7 tracks with a small height difference and 4 lifts. In addition, there is a snowboard park with half-pipe and quarter-pipe.

In all Tengendai rental of ski equipment, training school, a few luxurious and traditional Japanese hotels and restaurants, cafes and snack bars. After an active holiday and ski travelers have the opportunity to relax in the sauna and hot springs.

Ski Tatsavako

Located in the east of Akita Prefecture in the northern part of the island of Honshu, Tatsavako ski resort is the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders. Base not only boasts well-appointed and prepared slopes and magnificent views of Lake Tatsavako. The ski resort has 15 ski slopes with the possibility of night skiing and off-piste, 6 lifts and a snowboard park with halfpipe.

Tourists will be pleased with the modern infrastructure of the resort Tatsavako. On the basis of the entire rental of ski equipment, ski school, children’s play park and a garden, as well as more than 20 hotels and restaurants with varied cuisine. Finally, Lake Tatsavako ensures stunning views at the descent from the mountain, and saunas and hot springs – the perfect relaksaktsiyu for active riding.

Ski Togars

Located in the north of the province of Nagano, snow, ski resort Togars known for its excellent slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The resort features 19 ski slopes with 9 lifts (8 chair lifts and 1 gondola) and a snowboard park with halfpipe.

Togars popular among Tokyo residents who are attracted by opportunities for accommodation and well-developed infrastructure of the ski resort. Apart from luxury hotels and villas near the resort, it includes a high-end ski school, ski and snowboard rental, children’s slides and a garden, as well as several restaurants and cafeterias.

Ski Resort Tsugaike Kogen

Tsugaike Kogen Resort is located in the north-western part of Nagano Prefecture, and is part of the “collection Hakuba” with resorts and Hakuba Happo He. Base Tsugaike Kogen is known for its magnificent combination of simple slopes for beginners and extra-challenging black slopes and features heli-skiing and snowboard park.The ski resort has 21 ski slopes with 2 kilometers of night skiing and 18 lifts.

Tsugaike Kogen – a traditional ski resort with all the necessary for an active winter recreation infrastructure: rental of ski equipment, instructors and students for kindergarten. Several first-class hotels are ready to host offers ski and restaurants – to feed them a variety of cuisine.