Resorts and beach holidays in Japan


Japanese spas – this is a great beach holiday and ski tops, therapeutic hot springs and island entertainment, diving and yacht tours of the modern cities, ancient temples and palaces, the beauty of landscapes and parks.

From skyscrapers to teahouses and pagodas

The man first came to Japan, saw its mysterious and unusual. It is. The country of the rising sun strikes a bizarre fusion of ultra-modern life in a bustling Japanese cities – Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka – and the rest of Nara, Kamakura, Nikko. She admires samurai traditions and holidays: spring – cherry blossoms in the summer – Matsuri festival with “flame-colored” Khanab autumn – Fire Festival in Kyoto, in the winter – New Year parade in Tokyo and spectacular ice show in Sapporo.

Incredibly interesting excursions in the Japanese cities: Yokohama port bustling with exotic Chinatown and amusement parks, the ancient capital of Kyoto, Japan’s shopping mecca – Osaka.And in small and large cities in Japan, you are sure to find something new that will help to learn more about this exotic country.

And, of course, here attract a unique resort in Japan.

The main resorts here – geothermal. There hot springs more than 2000, and one of them opened in the heart of Tokyo. Onsen (hot bath) – a massage, foam and waterfall baths. Among the thermal spas of Japan especially renowned for Atami, where you can still visit the Crocodile Park and visit the Fireworks Festival . Resort Ibusuki – a unique sand baths with underground steam.

The town of Hakone, a popular balneological attracts proximity to Fujiyama and beauty of the landscape. In Nikko, one of the cities of ancient Japan, you can not just take medicinal baths, but also to touch the antiquity in mausoleums and temples.

Original and ski resorts in Japan – they are more than 700, and, as a rule, they are combined with an onsen.

The most popular of them – Naeba with its 27 slopes and the longest ski “cable car” – almost 5.5 km. Nizeko and furans are known in the early opening of the season – in early December.Hakuba stands out among the year-round ski resorts in Japan, taking tourists and illuminated night trails. On the bases of Hokkaido annually winter competitions, and his views are particularly beautiful.

Attract tourists in Japan and seaside resorts. Divers interesting vacation on the island of Okinawa with their coral reefs and warm current. Entertainment enthusiasts can visit the islandHakkeydzima with dolphinarium and water parks. But Tokyo is located near the seaside resort ofKamakura, famous for its Buddhist shrines.


No wonder Japan called the country of the rising sun. In life, the Japanese have long been guided by the philosophy that allows to see the beauty in the most ordinary things. The ancient Japaneseculture, which is now organically intertwined with the latest achievements of civilization itself attracts many tourists to the country. However, not only fans of high technology and travel lovers of ancient traditions in Japan, and not only in educational purposes, you can surf the ‘Land of the Rising Sun “.

Perhaps many will be the discovery of what Japan is a country resort. Thousands of geothermal hover over these Pacific islands. Not surprisingly, they have long been organized around spas, which today has more than three thousand.

Among Japan’s hot springs are very popular salt, soda, hydrogen sulfide and ferrous mineral springs. The basic procedure offered spa facilities – swimming in the hot medicinal waters in the open air, called “onsen”. Although now bathe in the hot spring, and can be in the privacy of a closed room.

It is no secret that spas – especially the Japanese health institutions. The procedure for bathing in hot water containing various minerals has effective healing effect. Perhaps the only contraindication for geothermal treatments considered heart disease, the presence of which must comply with the restrictions. In all other cases, a visit to a geothermal spa can significantly improve your health.The procedures are useful in diseases of the joints and skin problems, can have a positive effect on the body in diabetes well affect the health of the treatment of gynecological diseases, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helping to raise the tone. Rest in Yessentuki, a secret to tell, does the same thing as well recuperate. The fact can be read online not get upset if there is a lot of money on vacation in Japan.

But if the dream has come true and you find yourself at a resort in Japan, remember that in the Japanese spa resorts have rules that are better to know in advance and carefully observed.They are quite simple: before the procedure should take a shower on the way back into the pool and be sure to turn in the towel, so as not to shock, it is strictly forbidden to make noise, so as not to interfere with the general relaxation.

It should be noted that many of the resorts in Japan, to keep pace with the times and to attract guests, besides the hot springs offer a variety of baths. Among them there are also some exotic, for example, beer or chocolate. You can believe in the healing effect of such baths or completely dismiss it, but, you take a chocolate bath would be nice. So that such a scheme to attract the customer is quite effective.

With regard to the conditions of residence at Japanese resorts usually includes a choice of available rooms as the Europeans, and the room in a traditional style. The latter, usually cost much more expensive, but the possibility to get in touch closely with the extraordinary culture of the “Land of the Rising Sun” is worth it.


Japan has, until recently, remained undiscovered country, and today, in spite of its development, for tourists there are many mysterious. This applies to culture, traditions and much more. At the same time prices for holidays in Japan are quite high, and tourists come not so much how much cheaper the countries of Southeast Asia. In addition, successful for a visit considered not very many months of the year. For example, a beach holiday in Japan is good in spring. Especially this time of year will appeal to those who have long wanted to watch the blossoming Japanese cherry blossomand become part of the celebrations of this event.

Beach holidays in Japan are usually carried out on the tropical island of Okinawa, which will give tourists an unforgettable VIP-rest. The same level is possible in the selection of Hong Kong for a beach holiday. At the same time, tourists do not usually just relax on the beach, but also go explorethe sights of Japan, which is unusual for visitors to understand its complexity and the special architecture of many buildings. The Japanese are very fond of children, so for them the country’s many entertainment places that attract tourists for a family holiday.

So, what time of year it is best to go to Japan to rest lived up to expectations?

The best time to visit – it is autumn, when the rainy season is over, and the islands of Okinawa is not so humid. Beach holidays in Japan in the fall is possible, however, the last month of autumn is already cool enough to stay on the beach. But you can turn in November is the best time of rest, if you combine it with other types of tourism, such as exploring the martial arts or sightseeing. In this case, cool weather even preferable for a comfortable stay.

Beach holidays in Japan is characterized by the fact that all the resorts luxury and service level is the highest. It is this quality attracts tourists. However, not everyone can travel to this magical land, as prices for tours are quite high. But in this situation there is an exit – the purchase of the burning stages. In this case, you can get a substantial discount on a beach holiday in the mysterious country of the East. You can also choose not the luxury Japanese hotel, and the cost of the tour will be significantly reduced. However, even in the hotel with two stars level of service in Japan is quite high in comparison with other Asian countries.

Which resort to choose Japan for a beach holiday?

It could be any beach, but the most successful option would Kamakura, which is located near Tokyo.It combines sandy beaches and luxurious forests, and you can go on a city tour. Things here in abundance. If, however, you also need to conduct some medical procedures, it is best to go to theresort of Shirahama, where there are hot springs. But mostly this Japanese resort is white color sand, striking in its purity. Shirahama is sent to the best in the autumn, because at that time the weather at the resort is perfect. Beach holidays in Japan – an unusual combination of many factors that make the journey to this mysterious country so comfortable.