Skiing in Japan


Land of the Rising Sun can offer a wide selection of Japanese ski resorts, outdoor activities associated with  snowboarding, and an infinite amount of virgin land.

First, many tourists are surprised at the large number of first-class ski resorts in Japan. But it is in Japan, held the Winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998. A real surprise – prices.The cost of holidays in ski resorts in Japan, even in high season is several times lower than in Western countries.

Total $ 40-speed lift takes you to the top height of 3000 ft with adjacent with each other three ski bases. And around the snow-covered volcanoes, gentle slopes, wonderful ski runs. Majestic mountains, seems to sag under the layer of snow, 500 inches lying all year round.

Connection of traditional Japanese cuisine, sound infrastructure attracts to rest a large number of both local residents and tourists from all over the world. The only thing that could spoil your holiday is a rise in prices during the peak season.

Where to go

The best place in the ski resorts of Japan to start either Nagano (city of the 1998 Winter Olympics) or Niseko (ski resort in the district of Sapporo, a place of the Winter Olympic Games in 1972).

In Nagano get much easier, about an hour away from Tokyo. The central transportation hub in the region is Hakuba, a small town, from which is easily accessible just twelve located near ski resorts.

Hakuba offers easy access to 12 Japanese ski resorts, which feature a total of 200 ski runs, at an altitude of 2,600 meters. To get help Top 135 lifts. All resorts are connected to each other bus routes that make frequent stops.

Experts advise not to visit Tokyo in the high season because of the large number of visitors, especially since many of the local tourist offer good discount vouchers in other major cities across the country.

In this case, you can enjoy not only ski sports, but also to explore other interesting tourist attractions of the country. So you can in just one hour to reach the city of Kyoto, where the lift and place the hotel will cost about $ 100.

Good snow for skiing is like a good wine for connoisseurs. And this place is known is of course the ski slopes of Hokkaido in Japan. One of the northern islands of Japan, located where the clash between two volcanic mountain range, with unique climate. Here are connected blizzards of Siberia and the humidity of the Sea of ​​Japan. The height of the snow-capped mountains up to 4,000 feet.

Thickness of the best snow in the world is usually more than 500 inches all year round. Upon arrival in Sapporo, it is best just to go to Niseko, which houses as many as five different resorts.

And here is where the present roam. Particular preference is town of Hirafu where the three are located in it stands the Japanese ski resorts of Niseko Annapuri with altitude up to 4295 feet of trails.

Payment of $ 50 will allow the use of lifts in the three ski areas of Mount Yotei, or get on top of it, it will take about 20 minutes. The Niseko many attractions, as you can easily learn of the many pointers in the Hirafu.