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Ski Niseko in Japan


Japan, as a place that attracts tourists, little known in the world, but, despite this, every year thousands of tourists visit the popular ski resort of Niseko. It is located near the city ofSapporo, in a region of Hokkaido. The infrastructure of the resort is designed for tourists from all over the world and provides the highest level of service.

Good to know about Niseko


Niseko – mountain village in Japan. It is located on the island of Hokkaido and borders settlements Kutchan, rankoshi, Toeura and Maccari. In 1972, the Winter Olympics are held.

Geography and climate Niseko

Enjoy the beauty of the seasons in Niseko

City Niseko (42 ° 52 ‘N latitude and 140 ° 48’ E) is located in the west central part of Hokkaido – almost in the center of sub-prefectures Shiribeshi. It is located in a slightly hilly hollow surrounded on the east Mountain Yotei (altitude 1898 m) in the national park and the north Mount Niseko-Annupuri (1309 m) in the Quasi-National Park.

Origin of the name «Niseko»


«Niseko (Niseko)” is a word Ainu, meaning “(the river that washes the bottom) of a cliff.”

On the origin of the word «Niseko»

The word «nupuri» also comes from Ainu language and means “mountain.” «Niseko-Annupuri» – where there is a ski slope – means “mountain with (the river that washes the bottom) of a cliff.