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How to Save on a journey to Japan

Here are some useful tips – especially for those who are looking for a way to optimize the cost of a trip to Japan.

Vehicles in Japan

With PASS, for travel on the railways of Japan (Japan Rail Pass) of travel on JR Japan is very convenient and cheap.

Travel Japan

Itinerary and stay developed itself, using a guide to Japan in a series of Dorling Kindersley and site

Where I went, and it was possible to see:

Nagoya – Castle and Park, temples and Osu Kannon Atsuto, orchid garden and a zoo.

Ise Peninsula – Geku temples and Nike, rocks Meotians Ives, a museum and an exhibition of pearls on the island of Mikimoto in Toba

Holidays in Japan (Memo tourist)


Holidays in Japan, in this highly developed and rich in ancient traditions of the country will fill your luggage experience new sensations. Japanese cities are huge and bright garlands of colored lights.

Holidays in Japan can not be imagined without a visit to the capital of this wonderful country.

Japan. Ski resorts


Naeba – the most famous and popular ski resort in Japan.

The resort has 27 slopes of different difficulty levels, as well as several routes for beginners. The highest point – 1789 m above sea level, the average height – 889 m. The maximum length of the route – 4000 m. By the way, in the resort of Naeba laid the longest ski lift in the world – 5 481m.