15 free entertainment Tokyo


Despite the fact that Tokyo has an image of an expensive capital city, there are plenty of free entertainment, which will remain in memory for a long time, without emptying the wallet traveler.

This is only a partial list of what today in Tokyo to watch free of charge:

  1. The oldest temple of Tokyo. Sensoji, the oldest temple of Tokyo, was founded in the 7th century. It is believed that the smoke rising from burning incense urns placed in front of the temple, has healing properties, therefore, likely during a visit to the temple, you will see a lot of people trying to touch him.
  2. Meiji Sanctuary. This is an ancient Shinto shrine was built in honor of Emperor Meiji and is located in the heart of a green oasis in the heart of Tokyo. The park surrounding the sanctuary, trees and plants gathered from all over Japan.
  3. One of the many festivals in Tokyo. Festivals – an important part of Japanese culture. Pass it on a regular basis throughout the year. Topics Festivals can be very different – “flowers”, “moon”, “fertility”, “longevity”, “commemoration of the dead”, “children”, “Star” and others. During the festival you certainly you will witness the colorful processions and performances.
  4. Tsukiji Fish Market. The world’s largest fish and seafood market Tsukiji opens at 9 am. In addition to fish you can find stalls selling dried mushrooms, tea, seaweed, pickles and cooking utensils. Visit the nearby temple Tsukiji Honganji, the architecture of which is dominated by Indian motifs.
  5. Technical innovations in the showroom Sony. The 11-storey building Sony Building have the opportunity to take a look at the latest achievements of technical thought. Do not miss the opportunity to test new items for the console Sony Playstation, which are projected on a huge screen. Showrooms companies Nissan, Toyota and Honda can also be visited free of charge.
  6. Visit the photo gallery. Visit the best photo gallery of the city, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of famous photographers of the world level.Among the most visited – Photo Center Fuji Film Square in the district of Roppongi and showrooms companies Canon, Nikon, and Kodak in the Ginza, Shinjuku near you find showrooms Konica Minolta and Pentax. There – constantly updated exhibition beginners and professional photographers, in an open museum of photography.
  7. Free tour with the locals. In Tokyo, there are many attractions, which can be found during a free tour that you will … a local resident. Most often, “guides the willing” are students, housewives and pensioners. Tours are held all over the city throughout the day. You will be asked to pay the fare guide and entrance fees to the territory of interest, but the actual tour will be free.
  8. Visit the most beautiful gardens and parks in Tokyo. Trees “bonsai”, stone lamps, rock gardens and multicolored carp – all of this can be seen in gardens and ponds of the capital. Many of them are open to the public – for example, Oriental gardens of the Imperial Palace, a classic Japanese garden Shin-Edogawa carp and stone lamps, as well as a garden sanctuary Nezu Station, famous for the blooming of azaleas in May. Ueno Park (Ueno) is famous for blooming in April cherry blossoms and an abundance of museums and other attractions.
  9. Spectacular views of Tokyo. The height of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Tokyo City Hall, is 243 meters. The building consists of two towers, designed by designer Kenzo Tange, with 48 floors each. On the 45th floor is an observation deck, which can be reached by high-speed elevator in just 55 seconds. It offers a wonderful view of Tokyo. On a clear day you can see the Yokohama and the sacred mountain Fuji. Grounds are open daily from 9:30 to 23:00.
  10. Visit free museums in the city. In Tokyo, there are a huge number of interesting museums, a visit which will not cost you a penny. Free you can visit the Museum of sumo, the only museum in the world of parasites, the Museum of Advertising, Beer Museum, the Museum of glasses, Fire Museum, the Museum of banknotes and stamps, and Museum currency.
  11. Going to school sumo. Sumo wrestling – one of the most popular sports entertainment in Tokyo. A visit to one of the schools of sumo can be a big success. In Tokyo, these schools, there are about 50. Here live and train sumo wrestlers (“sumo wrestler”), the morning workout that you can visit for free.
  12. Young people in the district of Harajuku. Every Sunday in the area near the station is going to Harajuku Japanese youth, dressed in colorful dresses of various styles. Including here lovers of “cosplay» (cosplay – costume play), dressed in costumes, stylized heroes of the popular anime. In the park are entertaining performances, concerts of local bands and fans of martial arts training. Be sure to visit Harajuku on a Sunday!
  13. Bike ride on the grounds of the Imperial Palace. Rent a bike and ride on the grounds of the Imperial Palace also absolutely free. Every Sunday in the sequence, you can take a bike, you want to be returned no later than 15:00.
  14. Introduction to traditional Japanese beverages. The Plaza Sake (Sake Plaza) will tell you all about the famous Japanese alcoholic beverage – Sake. The local library has collected about 6,000 books on the subject. There is also a computer to search for a particular brand. You can visit the area of tasting.
  15. Architectural tour of Tokyo. Take a stroll along the boulevard Omotesando (Omotesando).Modern architectural appearance of Japan – this is an unusual mixture of new products from the brilliant architect Tadao Ando and Shigeru Ban, supplemented by international masters of fantasy. As a result, Japanese architecture has gained an incredibly innovative. Admire the amazing architecture of Tokyo while walking through Omotesando.