How to Save on a journey to Japan

Here are some useful tips – especially for those who are looking for a way to optimize the cost of a trip to Japan.

Vehicles in Japan

With PASS, for travel on the railways of Japan (Japan Rail Pass) of travel on JR Japan is very convenient and cheap.

Recommended to buy a pass for 7 days (Japan Rail Pass 7 days). For about the same money, in which manages the journey from Tokyo to Kyoto and back to the super express”Shinkansen”, you can practically without any restrictions to travel on the railways JR within 7 days.

Also, in large population centers like Tokyo and Osaka, you can buy a pass for one day (1-day Pass) and other types of tickets, which give tourists a great opportunity to reduce transport costs. They allow the use of local inner city transport in unlimited quantities. Such travel is very convenient for those who want to travel on a certain area at a certain time, but does not want to bother the frequent purchase of tickets.

Card for travelers (Welcome Card, или Culture Card)

This card, along with a guide traveling free of charge for foreign tourists in Japan. It allows you to get discounts and additional services in art galleries, museums, sight-seeing, shops,restaurants, hotels, when traveling on transport. In some places the owners Welcome Card can receive discounts by presenting a printout of the Web page instead of the map. This card, or a plurality of its varieties can be issued in Tokyo (with a guide to museums, a pocket guide and map), in the prefectures of Kagawa and Miyazaki, in the northern Tohoku, at Narita Airport, in districts and towns: Mount Fuji, Tokai, Inland Sea , Kita-Kyushu, Fukuoka. Card issued free of charge at tourist information centers in each region.

Hotels in Japan

If you are looking for a clean and cheap hotel, you can use a network of hotels “Welcome Inns”.


Food in Japan

Food in Japan is not necessarily expensive, but, as in other countries, food during the journey costs a bit more expensive than usual. Here are some tips on how to eat delicious and inexpensive:

Restaurants fast food (fast food) can be found at the railway stations. Where you can eat cheaply in a simple setting. Not to mention the places where you can buy burgers and sandwiches, then you can easily find a lot of fast food in the Japanese style, specializing in cooking mainly dishes such as “gyūdon” (rice with boiled beef and passaged onions), “tendon “(rice with tempura), and noodle soba and udon. In fast food restaurants to eat, usually less than 500 yen. A breakfast can be in some places and at lower prices.

The shops, entertainment venues and business centers, there are restaurants that offer weekday lunch at reasonable prices (from 600 to 900 yen). Here you will be given a large selection of standard menu of Japanese cuisine and Western dishes. The time when the restaurant is open for lunch menus – are usually from 11:00 to 14:00

Sushi is not always cost much, except for some expensive restaurants. The bars “Kaiten-zushi,” which finished with a pair of plates of sushi served on a rotating conveyor, they cost only 100 yen per plate. Other institutions offering sushi, standard set for one person costs about 1500 yen or more. Comprehensive dinner of sushi can be enjoyed for about 800 yen.

Basement department store – it is usually floor with lots of food stalls where you can buy a variety of food and a box lunch “on tap.” Choose at will one or two sets and enjoy them in a nearby park.

Shopping in Japan

The most affordable shops – the so-called 100-Yenniku. The number of “Hyakuen shop” is constantly growing. Various products, from food to everyday objects, are sold at the standard price- 100 yen / piece. These stores are located near the train station and shopping areas. Here you can find small gifts, such as Japanese dishes and more.

As for consumer electronics, the first thing we recommend to visit the  district of Akihabara inTokyo. It offers a striking variety of household appliances. Get off at the train station of Akihabara,which is the Yamanote Line JR, and your eyes will appear rows of standing next to each other commercial establishments, including wholesale stores, shops selling spare parts and components for machinery.

In Japan, two times a year in stores, especially department stores held grand sales during which clothes and many other products of the last season are sold at discounted prices. If you are lucky enough to go to the store at the time of sale, you will be amazed at the number of price tag with the words “30% discount” and “50%”. Usually sales are in January and July.