Niseko – the most famous ski resort in Japan

Niseko – the most famous ski resort in Japan, located on Mount Annupuri Niseko. Niseko has three resorts in Grand Hirafu, Niseko Viladz and Annupuri. They are linked at the top of the mountain and for those who want a passport provided to all resorts for 4900 yen a day (ski resorts are open from mid-November to mid-May).

When traveling to a ski resort is convenient to use the bus or personal car, ski resorts are located in 6-8 km from the center of Niseko, or 15-30 minutes by bus from the station Kutchan, 2.5 hours from Sapporo by train, bus or car. All transfers by train between Sapporo and Niseko Kitchan covered a travel to Japan JR Pass.

How to get to Niseko from Sapporo

Sapporo (how to get from Tokyo to Sapporo) to Niseko drive

Bus: 2.5-3 hours, 2300 yen. Upon arrival in Niseko buses stop at three major ski resorts – Hirafu, Niseko Viladz and Annupuri;

by train: in the winter from mid-December to the end of February Niseko Express trains between Sapporo and Niseko Kutchan, 2 hours, 4,500 yen). All year round train connects Sapporo, Kutchan, but requires one change in Otaru or without a transplant through train “Niseko Liner” 2.5 hours, 1790 yen. All trains are covered by a travel to Japan JR Pass.

by car from the airport or Sapporo Sapporo takes 2 hours. At the airport, you can rent a car rental.

Getting around the Niseko:

Every hour between the ski resorts of buses (for the owners travel to ski resorts for free). Also buses run from the station Kutchan to Hirafu (15 minutes, 380 yen) to Niseko Villadz (30 minutes, 570 yen) to Annupuri (45 minutes, 690 yen).