Niseko Resort (Japan, Fr. Hokkaido)

Let’s start with the fact that in Niseko is the best, the most famous in Japan, and the softest snow :)) Great place to stay! (Although, I think, no one doubted.) All the people: cafe, toilets, lifts and a lot of not less groomed slopes for all tastes.

Get up, wash my face and ran to the second floor there is a small house, where you are already waiting for fresh coffee and something to eat. Gain strength, you run down for its dosochkoi and forth to a stop. Skating nachanalos we watch from 9 am and lasted 13-14 hours. During this time, fully satisfies his desire to take a ride on the fresh snow in the forest and only =), and with a clear conscience and a sense of self-satisfaction in going to dinner blizhlezhaschee cafe (which abound on the side, for that matter, and at the bottom). 

You throw a board at the entrance or near the special holders and without any thoughts go to make up calories. And, coming back, you will see the board on the same place … no it does not take and carry off! We try to do so …

And here is the mountain with all the lifts and the slopes!

After lunch more often something not skated since permanent snow prevented see terrain, and you constantly impinging on the mound, too … the forest is unrolled and nothing left to do but go to sleep, waiting incorporate sanctification. And he evening, the mountain in the lights and you’re back on the slopes!

And so it was always (except, of course, days, traveling to Sapporo and Otaru).

Snow there, it should be noted, is a constant (!) Happened that later, getting up, and your tracks are already recorded well as straight from the tin with snow =) enjoy, in one word! The sun peeps out for 10 minutes, and then again snowflakes%)

Somehow we have got to the peak of the mountain (1308 m) and was higher than, the visibility is less than … down is not departed from each other far … A lot of emotions and feelings after the descent is filled with joy and pride in yourself =)))

Of impressions of people : weird, too complacent, in Sapporo strangely dressed (outdoors Vetrishche you wrap up and paced to meet your high school girls in their shape (short skirt + stockings + coats), look and shiver runs through the body. .. brrrr … winter shoes at them at all, apparently not, as all of us wear shoes or boots up!

Still there are quite funny names:

The Japanese are known for their hard work, we decided to work until 26:00 (!)% -)

Results of a 2 week trip:
1. broken strap on the supports
2. stretching legs
3. porvanye gloves
4. torn material in some places, jacket and boots
5. try riding on the rails, and, as a consequence, the impact of the snow coccyx
6. drop a crunch in the neck, which is then treated with a massage and some magical Japanese way =)
7. lens on the glasses in the trash
8. and of course a lot of emotions