Ski Niseko in Japan


Japan, as a place that attracts tourists, little known in the world, but, despite this, every year thousands of tourists visit the popular ski resort of Niseko. It is located near the city ofSapporo, in a region of Hokkaido. The infrastructure of the resort is designed for tourists from all over the world and provides the highest level of service.

The snow at the resort is suitable for both professionals and beginners skiing enthusiasts. It is unusually soft and easy.Many beautiful and varied trails provide your service popular resort of Niseko. The highest point of trails is, no less, at an altitude of 1156 m. Above sea level. The demand and popularity of this place there is no doubt. About This is evidenced flights aimed at Niseko. The frequency of their flights is 15 minutes. And it provided that you will not find empty seats. So what’s so attracts the attention of tourists to the ski resort?

Firstly, the resort is located at the foot of an active volcano Yotei. Secondly, located near the city of Sapporo, which recently hosted the World Olympic Games. And third, the region of Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is famous for unspoiled nature, mountain scenery, majestic forests and the variety of fauna.

Snow on the slopes of Niseko brought cyclones with the Siberia and is considered the best in the world – soft and shiny. He immediately falls from early December until the end of February, and for all the winter reaches 15 meters.

In the resort you will be able to test their strength and opportunities in the 34-slopes of different difficulty levels, ranging from childhood and ending with rugged and high-speed. There are also trails for fans of extreme skiing. Get to the launch pad, you will be 20 new lifts that are equipped with the latest technology.

Ski_niseko_1At Niseko resort is a school for learning how to ski with different levels of complexity of preparation. You can also take advantage of a new and exciting service, night skiing.

Tourist information

This is one of the few resorts in Japan. After all, Eastern culture is unique and inimitable.
How to get to the ski resort of Niseko
From Sapporo to the resort about 100 kilometers. The nearest railway station in the town of Niseko, Airport – Chitose.