Good to know about Niseko


Niseko – mountain village in Japan. It is located on the island of Hokkaido and borders settlements Kutchan, rankoshi, Toeura and Maccari. In 1972, the Winter Olympics are held.

Niseko – Japan’s popular ski resort of international level. Its territory is equipped with 61 ski trails, 38 lifts and gondolas. There are slopes for skiing off-piste. The longest track is 3300 meters.

Niseko resort area is divided into three groups:

Anapuri -on its slopes are about 13 ski slopes. Most of them are offered for mountain activities by persons with a high level of skill. Trails are quite steep and difficult, skating begins with a height of 1156 meters, with a maximum vertical drop of 756 meters.

Higashiyama – the zone is meant for fans of snowboarding and skiers of all skill levels. There are 14 perfectly equipped ski slopes with excellent snow cover. The total vertical drop of 890 meters, there is a snowpark.

Grand Hirafu – the largest area for skiing on the territory of Niseko. It includes 34 ski slopes equipped with evenly distributed among the skiers with different levels of skill. It is here that the resort is very steep mountain slope, with a vertical drop of 900 meters.

At the foot of the slopes has qualified ski schools for beginners, both adults and children. Here are the rental of ski equipment.

In Niseko you can watch the well-developed tourist infrastructure. To accommodate the guests of the resort in Hirafu built a complex of apartments, hotels and inns. Try the delights of local cuisine in local restaurants and cafes. Perfect ending the day with a swim in the hot springs of Niseko, located a 1.5-hour drive away.

For those who are important to an active night and evening pastime is to visit the excellent local discos, bars and night clubs, working almost all night.

Niseko – a place full of cultural, historical and aesthetic value. The main attractions are the local mountains resort. Gorgeous panoramic view opens from the top Anapuri, having a height of 1390 meters and causes a feeling of inaccessibility and majesty. It is thanks to her resort called Niseko, which translates as “river flowing at a steep cliff.”

If you come on holiday with children, visit the local attractions in the snow. While your child will ride with under the constant supervision of adults, you will be able to visit all the attractions and shops, as are deemed necessary.

Seasons in Niseko

·  From May to July – a sunny season;

·  From August to October – the velvet season;

·  From December to April – the ski season;

Time in Niseko

Time ahead of Moscow in Niseko for 5 hours.

Shopping in Niseko

Shopping in Niseko – a Japanese sweets, sushi, mochi, a traditional alcoholic drink of sake, and a variety of souvenirs, sports equipment, crafts and traditional clothing.