Japan. SPA-tourism in the country of the rising sun

Few people know that a small across Japan , is a miracle of spa resorts in the world. This is not surprising, because in Japan at the moment there are more than three thousand springs, and it is not the end, because, almost every day to open all new and new hot springs, which the Japanese themselves are called onsen.

Each year the popularity of onsen hot springs, is growing exponentially, many resorts have become a mere object of mass adoration of fans to relax and improve your health.

What is interesting spa resorts in Japan? They are actually a lot (well, once the sources of more than 3,000), and should probably focus on the most notable and popular resorts.

One of the most notable and popular geothermal spas in Japan, is now a Kurokawa , who is one and a half hours from Tokyo.Not so long ago, this place was just three or four dilapidated hotel, but as long as the hard-working owner of one of them with hand tools began to drill the mountain, and in the end the 11 years drilled amazing cave with a pool, which is filled with hot mineral water. And since then, his neighbors set about similar projects, as a result making the area one of the attractions of SPA-Japan.

If you want to get really exotic feeling, then it makes sense to go to Hakone . There are two very amazing SPA-resort, offering more than 30 kinds, completely exclusive and original procedures, ranging from bath of sake and black coffee, finishing baths with red wine and hot chocolate. In this case, it is not only affordable vacation millionaires. The cost of procedures is very democratic, from 15 dollars for children, and from $ 30 for an adult. Well, if you want to feel like a nudist, then there is an opportunity in areas of individual rest.

Well, if you do not want to spend time traveling to Japan in the SPA-resorts, it is necessary to devote one day a famous Japanese baths. Benefit will not have to go far, because, as it is enough to visit the world-famous complex “O-Edo Onsen monogatari” , which is located in a district of Tokyo . By visiting this complex, tourists find themselves in an atmosphere of old Edo (the former name of Tokyo), and it is not just room, and a reconstruction of the old Japan.

The complex was built in the tradition of 53-known plants located on the highway, which at one time connected the Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. These stations chanting poets, artists and playwrights. In this complex you can spend not only the day, but all night, visiting one after another, “station”, and each will surprise and enchant. Somewhere waterfalls and jacuzzi, in the other pool with a hot, warm or cold water, in the next room, a sand and pebble on. Ofuro bath, massive baths, accommodating up to 100 people, all in one place. The water for the complex is extracted in an artesian well at a depth of 1,400 meters, and the properties of the water is truly healing, it helps heal joint pain, neuralgia, and muscle fatigue.

As you can see, Japan is not only an amazing culture, but also a great place to combine business with pleasure.