Holiday features in Japan

Lovers of modern, comfortable accommodation and entertainment will find a lot of their favorite and new entertainment events that abound the capital, Tokyo, and located near the city of Yokohama, which the Japanese fans like to give all the exact descriptive characteristics called “the city that never sleeps.”

Attractions of these modern cities are world renowned. This delicate suspension bridge over the Yokohama Bay, and the fastest elevator in the world, and the Ferris wheel, uplifting kind of fans from the air to a height of several hundred meters, and the museum Sankeyen, in which the best examples of wooden architecture in the country, and the famous Chinatown, the center of which is a Chinese temple Kanteybe in Yokohama. This world-famous Ginza district – the center of the huge department stores and boutiques European level, and the temple town of Asakusa Cohen, surrounded by a park, which is grown over a hundred thousand trees in honor of Emperor Meiji, and, of course, Tokyo Disneyland. Eastern Capital is unthinkable without the Imperial Palace and the square in front of him. The Japanese are very sensitive to the royal family and to all that it involves.

Supporters will like exotic holiday in Okinawa archipelago of the same name, the largest island in it. “Treasure Island” as the Japanese call themselves archipelago. Historically, that is quite a long time Okinawa was “a country in the country,” called the Kingdom of Ryukyu. This explains the special atmosphere of the island, influenced by several cultures and absorb their traits. Subtropical climate, zealous attitude of citizens to preserve the pristine nature, the wealth of the island of Okinawa fruit made a veritable paradise for tourists. The abundance of coral reefs, damaging coral species diversity, make this place attractive for diving. Okinawa today – it is not only the pure blue waters of the ocean and almost untouched nature. It is the largest Japanese resort with many hotels, botanical gardens, water sports centers, museums … Special attention is given to guests Okinawan cuisine has absorbed, as all around them, the features of several cultures. The unique combination makes food not only very pleasant to the taste, but also healing. That healing properties due Okinawa cuisine longevity of its indigenous inhabitants.

For those interested in the ancient history of the country offers a lot of opportunities in store Japan enjoy a dip in the world for its ancient culture. Kyoto, the former for nearly twelve centuries the capital of the country, fascinates visitors masterpieces of architecture and sculpture, made to the treasury of the world cultural heritage. No wonder the Japanese Kyoto gave a second name – Heyankio, which means “capital of the world”: the city was originally laid down and built as the capital of the state, which could not but affect the plants. Temples of Kyoto – the example of the rich national flavor and symbolic richness. “Pure Water Temple” Kiemidzudera, temple Nishi-Hongan-ji and Sanjo-sangendo, Museum of Sanjo-sangendo, Imperial Palace and Castle Ninja Cook – after a visit to each of the buildings can not avoid sharing the wisdom of ages.

Whatever type of holiday is chosen, the key is to remain a national cordiality and hospitality. Guests of the country should be aware that the Japanese – almost the most punctual and disciplined nation in the world, anxiously related to cultural heritage of the country and taking care of her well-being, chtyaschaya its traditions. In the Japanese are very strong sense of patriotism, what you should take the guest country. Therefore ideal for tourists will be along with the knowledge of the English language have in its arsenal a few phrases in Japanese. While maintaining the ancient traditions are not alien to the Japanese contemporary influences. So, no country in the world has so many golf fans as Japan. Golf courses are not only a place for leisure and professional sports, but also a platform for business negotiations. It should be noted that the Japanese emphasize the great importance attached to the money, but to leave a tip is not taken, for example, the Japanese it can be regarded as an insult.

Have a nice trip and unforgettable pleasant experience!