Origin of the name «Niseko»


«Niseko (Niseko)” is a word Ainu, meaning “(the river that washes the bottom) of a cliff.”

On the origin of the word «Niseko»

The word «nupuri» also comes from Ainu language and means “mountain.” «Niseko-Annupuri» – where there is a ski slope – means “mountain with (the river that washes the bottom) of a cliff.“As the name already contains the word for mountain, it is not called “Mount Niseko-Annupuri».

Although many geographical names in Hokkaido are rooted in language Ainu, most of them written characters kanji. It is believed that although the Japanese who settled in Niseko during the Meiji (1868 -), and recorded the place names in the language of Ainu, using characters kanji, this style of writing did not take her and replaced by characters katakana.

The history of the city name

In 1963, the area of ??Niseko-Annupuri has been called a quasi-national park «Niseko – Shakotan – Otaru Kaigan».At that time, the national zhelezodorozhnaya station is still called “the station Kaributo» (now JR), resulting in steps were taken to renaming the entrance to Niseko in the “Station Niseko».

However, because the national railway company did not want to change the name and use the letter characters katakana, efforts have been made to the renaming of the city, resulting in the 1964 city appeared Niseko.

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