Excellent choice in Niseko, great location

We went to the Hilton Nizeko location (right next to the ski lift gondola) and the great reviews we had read in the TA, and we were more than happy with our stay at the Hilton. Ski hotel is – an excellent choice. Very modern, good size rooms, great restaurants, a bar, a spa and onsen in all amounts to is a great combination.

 We stayed in a twin room, view of Mt Yotei, which offers great views of the mountains and the environment.The room was of a decent size (about 24 square meters) and was elegantly decorated for a ski hotel. The bathroom was quite small, but on the other hand, we have never used the shower bath, we took a bath in the onsen every day, so that did not bother us much. The breakfast spread was very good with a good mix of Japanese / Western buffet spread. We tried all the restaurants in the hotel, and all the restaurants were quiet nice with good food, but the restaurant Teppanyaki is the best choice for us. Really Make reservations early to call restaurants, quiet popular looks of it and if you want to make the approach, then most likely you will be rejected by the previous booking. Most of the hotels in the onsen, which was wonderful especially after a day of skiing. We stayed during the Chinese New Year holidays, and the hotel was filled with mainland Chinese, and they were just too loud in the onsen and restaurants. Maybe the hotel should put some sign boards or something to tell them to speak quietly in the cause of public places, which was a huge turn off for both onsen / restaurants. Another good thing about the Hilton – access to the Gondola, which is literally right next to the hotel and easy to ski – in and out. Staff who manned ski boots and boards, was super friendly and efficient, thanks to them. Yes the hotel is not so close to the city, and it is – a trip of 15 minutes to the city, but it did not bother us much, as we entered the city only once, and we took the bus, which I think runs once every half hour or so . In general, for a ski hotel, it is – a great choice with a 5 star service / quality, and we will definitely return here on our next trip.