Cities of Japan. Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the capital of the prefecture of the same name and is located in the south-western part of Japan , on the northern coast of the island of Kyushu. The city is divided into two parts Nakagawa River, is a political, economic and cultural center of the country, which is second in importance only metropolitan Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Features . In the role of a progressive metropolis of one of the most developed countries in the world, Fukuoka has a developed infrastructure, modern technology and excellent transport links. It has great textile, chemical and food industries, as well as engineering. Significant role in the life of the city is tourism. Many temples, monuments, museums, skyscrapers, parks, shopping centers, shops and restaurants, is visited by thousands of tourists. Fukuoka perfectly adapted for living and recreation, fully responding to the status of high-tech metropolis and the title of the largest city on the island of Kyushu. According to a survey of one of the world-renowned British magazine, not so long ago it was the best place for shopping in the world, which will certainly further strengthen him tourist interest.

General Information . Fukuoka territory covers an area of over 340 square meters. km, with a population of about 1 million 500 thousand people. Local time ahead of Moscow 5:00. All times are UTC +9. Daylight Saving Time in Japan is not performed.Dialing code (+81) 92. Official site .

A brief history . In VII century on the eastern bank of the river there was a market town Nakagawa Hakata, who had good trade relations with China. In fact, with him and began the history of modern Fukuoka. As a gateway to Korea and China, the city attracted the attention of the conquerors and the XIII century Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, look to the side of Hakata Bay, bordering the shores of the island of Kyushu. After much negotiation and refusal to submit to the Japanese invaders, the Mongols attacked the prefecture of Fukuoka and won, but intervened typhoon Kamikaze, which means “divine wind”, which struck foreigners. Thanks to him, the Japanese managed to defend their land. At the beginning of XVII century on the west bank of Nakagawa, the powerful feudal lord Nagamasa Kuroda, built the castle around which eventually formed a separate settlement.Finally, in 1889, it was decided to merge the eastern and western shores. Thus, there was a city in Fukuoka, became the capital of the prefecture and the largest port of the island of Kyushu. Today, between east and west, there conditional division, which has the status of Hakata shopping area, Fukuoka does business and administrative functions.

Climate . The weather in the region is strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean, although there prevails a subtropical monsoon climate. The average temperature in the range from December to February is about 5 – 10 degrees. The summer was hot and humid, with lots of rain, most of which is in March – September. During the year, not without typhoons. It is best to visit the island between October and February, but in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, before you go ahead should the weather forecast.

How to get there . Transportation . In the role of the main air gate serves local Fukuoka International Airport receives flights from many countries in the world. The transport system of the city has almost all types of modern public transport, including the Metro. In addition, there established commuter rail and bus service, a sea port. Very popular among the residents use bicycles.

Attractions and entertainment . One of the best places in Fukuoka, entertainment and having fun, is the Canal City Hakata, which is a large-scale shopping and entertainment complex with shops, bars, restaurants, theaters, gaming centers, cinemas, hotels and grand artificial canal in the middle of the complex. Among the religious buildings worthy of special attention Sofukudzi church, founded in the late XII century priest Eisai. It is made ??of wood and is considered the country’s first Zen temple. A great place to walk is the picturesque park Ohori, consisting of a large body of water and its surrounding beaches with green vegetation, which is laid along the wide pedestrian path. Superb medieval monument is the Castle Fukuoka, built in the XVII century, Nagamasa Kuroda. Survived to this day only a few fragments of it, but it still reflects its former glory. In the modern part of the city attracts Momochi Beach Park, where tower of Fukuoka, from whose observation deck you can admire the stunning views of the metropolis.

Near the capital of the prefecture is a small town Dazayfu, once had the status of an administrative center of Kyushu. Here, be sure to visit the temples Komezendzi, Kanzeondzi and Dazayfu Tenmangu, is a cultural and historical heritage of the island. In addition to seeing the iconic sights of Fukuoka, is simply to take a walk through the city streets, appreciating the perfection of high technology, intelligent landscape design, as well as the convenience of the location and function of residential neighborhoods. All together, this is a response to a question about why the Japanese view the most progressive and advanced nation on the planet. Much attention is paid to the festivities here, including holiday “Hakata dontaku” each year conducting in early May.

Cuisine and shopping . Culinary traditions Fukuoka reflect all the advantages of the national cuisine, which in itself is considered as a separate attraction. Famous sushi and steamed rice, this is only a small part of a giant variety that offer visitors the cafes and restaurants of the city. Of exotic seafood, meat, vegetables, beans, pasta, sashimi and of course, the juice, are a fixture of any menu in local restaurants. Description of food is often duplicated in English, and sometimes in Russian. As for shopping, among the tourists are popular silk fabric “Hakata ori” and clay toys “Hakata ningyo.” For shoppers this metropolis is generally considered a haven, given the number of shops and a wide range of products.

Fukuoka, though does not have the world famous Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Osaka, but also annually receives millions of tourists. This charming city has a lot of interesting places and allows guests to experience the unique atmosphere of the island of Kyushu, embodies a modern Japan .